When to Buy a Diamond Ring from jewellery stores in Toronto

Do you want to propose to your loved one but unsure of the best Toronto jewelry stores? You are not alone, there are many more shoppers out there who are in the same dilemma. And when it comes to diamonds, things are a bit different if compared to products and goods.

While there is no perfect time to buy a diamond engagement ring, you can always find some of the other merits of shopping during particular seasons. So, let’s have a look at the best seasons to buy diamonds from top-rated Toronto jewelry stores.

Toronto jewelry stores

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Many stores offer huge deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the Thanksgiving season. Buying a diamond engagement ring when Christmas and New Year’s is just around the corner and Valentine’s Day not that far away is an excellent time. This season gets really special because it’s easy to celebrate holidays with friends, family and loved ones.

One should also note that companies which offer good value don’t give huge discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Such companies don’t have large profit margins, so do not expect any serious discounts.

  1. Before Christmas: The time before Christmas is probably the best time to hunt for a diamond ring. It is because this is the only time when most businesses post ads and offer great discounts for attracting customers. With Christmas just a few days ahead, stores can get competitive and there are chances you can grab a good deal.

You must start with your hunt as early as possible since there will be others as well looking for the same product. But if you have some specifications and wish to take time looking at various costs and diamonds, do not go for such busy seasons.

  1. After Christmas, Before Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s is another one season which is quite favorite for proposals. Hunting for an engagement ring in late December and early January can be very advantageous for you since, during these times, many deals and offers will fall on your laps. Many promotional sales will also come up during this time.

  1. During the Spring: The time after Valentine’s Day and during the spring is the perfect one to buy a lovely diamond ring from jewelry stores in Toronto without feeling pressurized with holiday sales and large crowds. All the vendors and jewelers will have all the time to spend with you considering every meticulous detail of yours.
  1. Summer: Summer season is another great time to gift a diamond engagement ring to your loved one. This is a season that offers romantic getaways and family gatherings. Plan your engagement ring at least a month or two before in advance so that it is ready for that perfect romantic day.
  1. Autumn: Autumn is one of the best seasons to buy diamond engagement. Start for your hunt from September as the period between September and October are the quieter times for the jewelry industry. You can shop without witnessing large crowds running for discounts and offers.

Wedding Videographer’s Checklist: Top 5 Trending Wedding Venues in Toronto

Living in the 21st century, everyone likes to capture moments. With the advancements of technology, wedding videography is becoming a part and parcel of every marriage. So, if you’ve recently decided to marry in Toronto, it’s best to find a venue that’ll compliment your wedding cinematography best. After all, 10 years down the line, you’ll definitely want to look back at your wedding video and recall a perfect fairy tale wedding.

Luckily, as per several Toronto wedding videographers, these 5 venues ensure a fairy tale wedding camerawork that’ll make you reminisce your big day with fond remembrance.

Wedding Cinematography

Let’s Get Started:

  1. Bisha Hotel Toronto

If you’re looking for wedding cinematography that is nothing less than fancy, then Bisha Hotel located in Ontario is a good choice. Featuring a sky-suite event location at its 43rd floor, it offers an excellent backdrop of the city owing to its floor to ceiling windows.

Further, with seamless culinary serviced and hospitable professionals, all wedding guests are provided with top-notch services.

As a result, the bride and groom can enjoy the exquisite backdrop and film intimate comely moments as per their wishes to make the best of their wedding cinematography.

  1. Arcadian Court

For wedding videography that represents style and panache, the Arcadian Court is another winner for venues. Featuring contemporary modern style and encompassing grand elegance, this venue feature intricate color themes that can work well in a themed wedding.

Additionally, with historic charm, an authentic chef divine cuisine, and service, couples can easily plan an ultra-fashionable wedding here.

wedding cinematography Toronto

  1. Chateau Le Jardin

For the ultimate Victorian themed vintage wedding cinematography, the Chateau Le Jardin is another good option. This one reeks of elegance and vintage appeal, with grand ballrooms, stunning foyers, fireplaces, antique décor etc. Additionally, with a surface area of 38,000 sq. ft. this one comes with huge 30-ft ceilings and décor of gold white.

Imagine a bride in Victorian-themed attire getting married in the traditional way at Chateau Le Jardin, the image itself evokes rustic charm that will make the wedding video mesmerizing.

  1. Ivy Lane Estate

If you’ve opted for a fall or spring wedding then it’s best to pick the Ivy Lane Estate.  Situated outside Hamilton, the Ivy Lane Estate is a 13-acre property that boasts of exotic views of the Niagara. Amidst all the greenery and serenity an outdoor wedding can be filmed with abundant light and color exposure to replicate a bright and authentic wedding story.

Moreover, this venue is large enough to accommodate almost 150-200 guests, so if you’re planning a big fast wedding, this one is the venue to pick.

omni hotel

  1. Omni King Edward Hotel

For another magical wedding cinematography, you can also pick the Omni King Edward Hotel. Well renowned for their reputation of hosting the most stylish events in Toronto the artful venue can accommodate up to 300 guests. With Vanity Fair ballrooms and delectable cuisines, this venue is definitely ideal for hosting a dream marriage event.

Well, there you go! These 5 venues are clear winners if you wish to film an ethereal fairy tale wedding. So, book these today, and collaborate with your videographer to get the best moments on camera.